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The connection between mind and body

Our brains account for about 2% of our bodies but yet they are responsible for all of our bodies’ functions. Since the beginning of computers, our brains have been likened to supercomputers – only this supercomputer comes with emotions.
Our brains are strongly connected to both our bodies and our environments. The inter-connectedness of these elements affects how our brains function if we make to our environments and physical health it will, in turn, affect our brain health.
At Mind & Body Therapy I appreciate this connection and help people find support for their brain health at times when they are in distress through times of depression, anxiety, stress and any factors that impede their ability to function in their day to day activities.
Counselling is the skill of active listening and then the discovery of the client’s strengths and resources so a pathway forward can be created. We take our physical bodies to the gym, for a bike ride, walk, or swim to keep them healthy – does your brain need a trip to the gym too?
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