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What to expect for your first massage

Coming for a massage for the first time can make some people feel a bit nervous, therefore a good massage space should be instantly warm and inviting so that you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you arrive. A serene and private space allows shedding your armour and leave your worries at the door.
Expect to answer a few healthcare questions before your first session for your safety, this also allows time to get to know the therapist and relax you even more. When the massage starts the more relaxed you are will help the massage to be even more effective so your body can have the full opportunity to restore and refresh itself.
The act of the massage itself helps with circulation and the warming of knotty and sore areas aids the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. The therapist’s chosen massage medium may contain herbs or oils to assist with relaxation, aches and pains, anxiety and nervous tension and more.
At Mind And Body Therapy if you are nervous about coming for your first massage I invite you to have a chat first either before the appointment starts or on the phone. I am happy to schedule a bit of extra time to talk through what to expect and what you are comfortable with when you come for your massage, just let me know.

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